2009 "The Future Is Soon!" LP and Al Scorch "This Lonesome World" 7" Out Now!

2009 "The Future Is Soon!" LP OUT NOW!

This record is co-released with Let's Pretend records. Formed from the ashes of Rock Paper Stupid, Daniel and Jordan continued writing songs together and when it came time recorded about 20 songs each switching vocal and instrument duties. "The Future Is Soon!" features 18 of those tracks recorded at 141 Moreland ( Atlanta, Georgia ) and mixed and mastered at Revolution Sound ( Chattanooga, Tennessee ). Each album cover is hand painted and screened on a recycled album cover! This is a must have for any fan of the Chattanooga punk scene, Rock Paper Stupid, ADD/C, Trash Train, Friday Knight, Queerwulf, or Giant Bags Of Weed. LP comes on colored vinyl with a free MP3 download coupon. Stream "It's A Nice Night", "Expiration Date" preview every song on the album and order a copy HERE.

Al Scorch "This Lonesome World" 7" OUT NOW!

Co-released with Let's Pretend records. Move the record player to the front porch, find a rocking chair to sit in...Then put this record on, and get ready for Al you can eat! 4 of the finest songs No Breaks Records has ever had the pleasure of releasing. 3 of the songs clock in at just barely over a minute long with one hell of an epic closing track. Old timey banjo songs about getting high and stickin' your finger in a babies eye, with the speed and charm of punk rock. Blazin' banjo and a sweet and powerful voice filled with melody! Al plays a style all his own. Influences spanning from old bluegrass to 80's pop! Old time? Sure. Our time? Definately! Pressed on 7 different colors of vinyl, all records come with a free MP3 download coupon. Stream "Want One" preview every song on the record and order a copy HERE.
Check out all the pretty colors of this record HERE

Almost all No Breaks releases now come with free MP3 download coupons, with the exception of Los Di Maggios / Teenage Gluesniffers "Split" 7", Holy Shit! / Turd Hungry Christ "You Are What You Eat Split" 7" and The Guts / The Jizz Kids "A Safe Return To The Forest "Split" 7", those will be coming soon! Also if you don't do the record thing, the digital version of any LP can be purchased between 5.00 and 8.00 and the digital version of all 7"s can be purchased for 2.50 or each individual song for .99. Please note The Max Levine Ensemble have all of their songs available for FREE download HERE so don't bother buy any MP3s. But if you enjoy the album feel free to pick up the physical format here.

Over the past few weeks I added tons of new records to the Distro pages! All new items are located at the bottom of the page until I figure out how to rearrange the added records into alphabetical order.

12" Vinyl
Adolescents "The Complete Demos 1980-86" Clear Red Vinyl 10.00
Rikk Agnew "All By Myself" Opaque Blue Vinyl 10.00
Against Me! "The Original Cowboy" Black Vinyl 10.00
American Steel "Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 10.50
Apers "You Are Only As Strong As The Table You Dance On" Black Vinyl 11.50
Bollweevils "Weevilive" Opaque Blue Vinyl 6.00
Bomb The Music Industry "Scrambles" Clear Red Vinyl 11.50
Circle Jerks "Group Sex" Opaque Blue Vinyl 11.25
Classics Of Love "Walking In The Shadows" Clear Vinyl 11.50
Copyrights "Learn The Hard Way" White With Yellow Haze Gatefold Vinyl 12.00
Dear Landlord "Dream Homes" Mixed Green Vinyl +MP3 Download 8.50
Druglords Of The Avenues "Sing Songs" Clear Vinyl 12.00
Good Luck "Into Lake Griffy" Mud Mix Vinyl +MP3 Download 8.50
Japanther "Skuffed Up My Huffy" Clear Green Vinyl 8.50
Lawrence Arms "Ghost Stories" Burgundy Vinyl 11.50
North Lincoln "Midwestern Blood" Emerald Green Vinyl +MP3 Download 8.50
P.S. Eliot "Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 10.00
Parasites "Solitary" Clear Orange Vinyl 12.00
Pinhead Gunpowder "Kick Over The Traces" Clear Blue, Clear Green, Clear Red Vinyl 9.50
Pony Boy "Sexual Assault Rifle" Black Vinyl 8.00
Q And Not U "No Kill No Beep Beep" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 9.00
Q And Not U "Different Damage" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 9.00
Ringers "Hurry Up And Wait" Black Vinyl 9.00
Riot Before "Fists Buried In Pockets" Opaque Blue Vinyl 9.00
Riverdales "Invasion U.S.A." Clear Vinyl 11.50
Screaming Females "Power Move" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 9.50
Screeching Weasel "Wiggle" Clear Gatefold Vinyl 10.50
Ben Weasel "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" Clear Red Vinyl 11.50
Shang-A-Lang "Sad Magic" Tan & Yellow / Brown Mix Vinyl 10.00
Something Fierce "There Are No Answers" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 10.00
Spits "S/T IV" Black Vinyl 10.50
Street Eaters "We See Monsters" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 9.50
Suicidal Tendencies "S/T" Half Clear Red Half Solid Chrome With White Streaks Vinyl 12.50
Vaginasore Jr. "This Here Peninsula" Dark Purple Vinyl 9.50

7" Vinyl
ADD/C / Landlord "Split" Black Vinyl 4.00
Arrivals "Sister Series" Black Vinyl 4.00
Paul Baribeau / Your Heart Breaks "Split" White Vinyl +MP3 Download 4.00
Bomb The Music Industry / Laura Stevenson And The Cans "Split" Clear Red Vinyl 4.00
Cobra Skulls "Lost In Campaigns" Black Vinyl 4.00
Todd Congelliere "People In The Sand" Black Vinyl 4.00
Death Statistic / AK-77 "Split" Black, Marbled Black Vinyl 4.00
Dude Jams / Too Many Daves "Split" Unicorn Horn Vinyl +MP3 Download 4.00
Flowers "It's Hard To Say "I Love You" In Punk Rock" Black Vinyl 4.00
God Equals Genocide "This World Is Wearin' Me Down" Black Vinyl 4.00
Grabass Charlestons "Sister Series" Black Vinyl 4.00
Infected "Awake In Our Own Graves" Chartreuse Vinyl 4.00
Methadones "Gary Glitter" Black Vinyl 4.00
Muffs "No Action" Black Vinyl 4.00
Nervous Dogs "Great Doors" Black Vinyl +MP3 Download 4.00
Nighty Night "Belle" Black Vinyl 4.00
Off With Their Heads "Live At The Atlantic Volume Two" Opaque Green Vinyl +MP3 Download 4.00
RVIVR "Life Moves" Black Vinyl 4.00
Shang-A-Lang "Summertime" Black Vinyl With Full Color Cover 4.00
Slacker "Covering The Bases" Black Vinyl 4.00
Snuggle / No High Fives To Bullshit "Split" Black Vinyl 4.00
Tit Patrol / Count Von Count "Split" Clear Red Vinyl 4.00
Turkish Techno / Anchor "Split" Black Sea Vinyl 4.00
Used Kids / Tenement "Split" Black, Clear Gold Vinyl 4.00
Various Artists "Used Kids / Pretty Boy Thorson / Ninja Gun / Tim Version" Marbled Black Vinyl 4.00
Various Artists "Dangerous Intersection 5: Troublemake / Legendary San Diego Chargers / Shang-A-Lang / Andrew Jackson Jihad" Clear, Black Vinyl 4.00
What If... "S/T" Black Vinyl 4.00

Huntingtons "Punk Sounds" 8.00
Magnafux "Take Over" 8.00
New 45 "S/T" 8.00
Sheckies / Slotcars "Clambake Split" 8.00

Sexy Crimes "S/T" 4.00

Razorcake #52 Brokedowns, Tiltwheel Part 3, Coathangers, 16 3.00
Razorcake #41 Future Virgins, Gang Green, Electric Kisses 3.00

In other news I celebrated my 24th birthday on the 30th of September. It was a great day despite having quite the horrible week leading up to it, you see I meant to update the site sooner so the distro update list wouldn't be quite so large. But after a small string of bad luck left me computer-less I had to wait until now to get everything online. Anyways so long story short my computer completely crashes, I lose all my files. Later that night I take a walk and get arrested for being in a city park after dark. Ridiculous? Yes. Very. Even more ridiculous was that due to the Atlanta city jails computers being "down" I was stuck in jail on a $60 fine for a few days. All I can say is the city of Atlanta is broke and locking people up for whatever they can. The good news is everything got thrown out in court, the judge literally laughed at the charges. I was out in just enough time to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family and luckily enough didn't lose my job. My girlfriend drew the card pictured above as well as some of the funny drawings of me pictured at the end of this update. Anyways I scored some good stuff, the S/T Dire Straits album, a printer, candy, soda, and even a few meals. Also got myself quite the nice birthday gift as well...more on that later!

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