Review via Latest Disgrace
The single comes armed with three tracks, and each one is a certified rager. Leading the charge is MTN ISL’s “Salt Lick,” a taut and tense post-hardcore thriller that strikes with a mix of cold menace and coiled precision. Counter that with a pair of incendiary Bodyfather cuts, “Skin Thin” and “Gonner,” both of which erupt from your speakers with searing, jaw-dropping intensity, and you have yourself a recipe for one of 2014′s most explosive singles.

Review via Latest Disgrace
2013 saw a small but potentially significant resurgence in local melodic punk and post-hardcore thanks to a new crop of angular guitar loving misfits who worship at the ’90s altar of chaotic abrasion when forward-thinking bands like FugaziUnwoundChavez and Shiner patrolled the dingy bars and basements of underground America. Chief among these revivalists are up-and-comers MTN ISL and Bodyfather whose debut records were among the best the local music scene had to offer last year. Now, in an effort to keep that momentum going, the two have decided to team up for a new split 7″ to be unveiled sometime this May. The single will be released via No Breaks Records and will feature new music from each band. For their part, MTN ISL’s offering is called “Salt Lick,” while Bodyfather contributes a pair of songs called “Skin Thin” and “Gonner.” None of the tracks have been made available for streaming yet, but we’re rubbing our hands in eager anticipation. As soon as they hit the web, we’ll be sure to post them here for you. In the meantime, check out Bodyfather’s scorching “Tongue Flux,” if you haven’t already had the pleasure.

Review via Loss & Smash
No Breaks in 2014 when two groups practice a noise-rock with as much guts as the heart, that they can not meet. Especially if they come from the same city, Atlanta. But each retains its special approach Bodyfather ISL and MTN are relatively similar. Melt the heart of noiseux without rounding the corners. MTN ISL out all the stops with a Salt Lick five minutes and coarse dust of a security in line with their previous EP God Become Animal . MTN ISL can also become a beast with big mixture of abrupt voice and chorus removed, a noise-rock post-hardcore emotional trend, cyclical riffs, gradually slowing to a rise at the same pace, but not too heavy and just the rough need. This group of something viscerally engaging. Bodyfather also surfs on his previous EPand confirms all the good we thought of them. High range with two titles, cam Thin Skin and Gonner kidnapped and raised in the tradition of Drive Like Jehu of Bullet Train To Vegas . A noise-rock that flows into the mouth and intensifies the veins of a carefree wind. Total success and happiness in simplicity are the subtitles of this split single.

No Breaks Records - 2013