Sending your order is my number one priority, alot of records ship the same day or within 24 hours of the order being placed. I never back order any items, however if a record in your order is sold out you will receive an e-mail ( to the e-mail address linked to your pay-pal account ) or phone call asking if you would like to be refunded for the record or would like to substitute it for another record. I don't like to delay orders so if I can't get in contact with you within a week, I will ship the order sans the record in question and issue a refund through paypal. 

Flat rate postage is added automatically to all orders within the United States. Heres how it works:

Orders from 0.01 to 6.00 = 2.50 first class shipping + delivery confirmation
Orders from 6.01 and UP = 4.00 media rate shipping + delivery confirmation

In some cases insurance is included in the flat rate shipping cost for the larger orders ( you will receive an e-mail with tracking numbers) however if you would like to place an order with a special shipping request just e-mail first and I will accommodate.

Print the order form, follow the instructions. Include a drawing or picture with your order and I will be sure to try to give you something cool in return.
Standard Mailorder Form PDF
Standard Mailorder Form JPG

I encourage all of our international friends including Canada to e-mail a list of records to the e-mail address above before placing an order for a shipping quote. I'm sorry for the delay it's just easier for me this way. I don't want to MAKE or LOSE money shipping to you. You shouldn't have to pay any more than the sticker price on the mailed package, I want to send you records as cheaply as I possibly can. If you order internationally without contacting me first I will e-mail you the shipping cost after your order is placed.

If I have a problem with the order and can't get in touch with you otherwise, you're name will appear here.

Sometimes I am willing to take records on consignment, feel free to send information about your band / label / release to: NoBreaksDistro@Hotmail.Com I will get back to you about carrying your releases. Heres the standard consignment form to package with your records. Make sure to keep a copy for your own personal records as well.
Consignment Form PDF
Consignment Form JPG