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Hi and welcome to the online home of No Breaks Records. I hope you enjoy the site and find everything to be easily navigable. Be sure to check out the "releases" page to stream a bunch of music No Breaks has released. The store / distro pages are updated at least twice a week and all orders usually ship within 24 hours if not on the same day! If you shop around and have any sort of technical problems or shopping cart issues feel free to e-mail me Stewart@NoBreaksRecords.Com


Got a couple new releases out now and shipping today! First up is the debut LP from Brooklyn, NY's Now People "Love, Sex, Death And The Weather" and a teaser single for Chicago, IL's Rad Payoff entitled "Breakfast". This is the single for their debut album "The Good, The Rad, And The Ugly" which we should have in stock by April. This marks 50 releases for No Breaks!!! Got some more planned for this year. For now order these at or stream them at


 JUNE 10TH-30TH!!!
10th: Memphis @ The Lamplighter
11th: St. Louis w/ Doom Town
12th: Kansas City @ Badhaus with Dark Ages, Night Moves, and Dirty Work (tent.)
13th: Iowa City @ The Mill with Good Habits, and Dead In Bed
14th: Minneapolis
15th: Chicago Day show In Store @ Permanent with Jacuzzi Boys
Night show @ (possibly a generator show) Carbon Leak, Split Feet
16th: Cleveland
17th: Kalamazoo @ 411 Club w/ No Bails
18th: Columbus @ Bourbon St. w/ Fumes
19th: Detroit @ Lager Haus (tent) with SROS Lords, Inflatable Best Friends, Growwing Pains.
20th: Toronto w/ Valley Boys, Kremlin (tent)
21st: Buffalo @ Spiral Scratch Records w/ White Whale, Johns, Thaals
22nd: NYC @ The Acheron with Foster Care, Deformity, Heathen
23rd: NYC @ DBA w\ Shoxx, Degreaser, Modra
24th: Providence @ Munch House w/ white load, white pages, funeral cone
25th: Philly @ Kung Fu Necktie: with Abandos
26th: Baltimore or Pittsburgh
27th: Richmond (Part of a 4 day fest for our buddy Elijah from Paint Fumes who was hit by a car last year) @ Gallery Five
28th: Raleigh
29th: Off in Raleigh for a very Whatever Brains Wedding
30th: Charlotte: @The Milestone w/ Joint Damage, Meat Group

Check them out and snag a copy of the new record, we only have 50 copies left!


It's 2013 now and i'm glad the holidays are over and done with, gearing up for 2013 to be a big year for No Breaks!

Starting the year off with a huge update to the distro. So many amazing titles available now! I can personally get behind each and every one of them, want a reccomendation just ask I would love to help.

No Breaks has 5 new releases currently in production and i'm hoping they all see February release dates.

Also new for 2013 i've put together a Bandcamp page, being that i'm 40 releases behind it's a bit of a work in progress. So far I have free downloads available of the first 21 No Breaks releases and there's about 100 downloads remaining at the moment. Get in while it's free and if you like what we got going on feel free to donate or buy some records.

Thanks for all the support over the years. It means alot to me!


Huge site updates! 

I've spent the past few months catching up on adding a huge amount of inventory to the website! It feels great to say i've finally caught up. Everything is still shipping on a daily basis. Nothing has changed there, shipping your orders has always been my number one priority. Check the distro pages for major updates tons of new 7"s, LP's, and Tapes. Also be sure to check out the ever growing selection of gently used records on our Used page. At the moment there are hundreds of out of print punk LP's and singles but they are moving quickly! 


 Heading to San Diego for a week, orders will still be accepted but no one is here to send them again till this time next week.

Catching up with the times? 

The No Breaks website is now compatible with all smart phones, you should be able to download / stream music, check out all the latest news, browse the entire catalog and even purchase records! If you know me personally you know how hard I work on doing this website all by myself. With over 1,000 titles in stock i'm really proud to have a system that works well. The screen capture is probably what I would buy if I were you. Got some new 7"s on the way, support if you can!