JUNE 10TH-30TH!!!
10th: Memphis @ The Lamplighter
11th: St. Louis w/ Doom Town
12th: Kansas City @ Badhaus with Dark Ages, Night Moves, and Dirty Work (tent.)
13th: Iowa City @ The Mill with Good Habits, and Dead In Bed
14th: Minneapolis
15th: Chicago Day show In Store @ Permanent with Jacuzzi Boys
Night show @ (possibly a generator show) Carbon Leak, Split Feet
16th: Cleveland
17th: Kalamazoo @ 411 Club w/ No Bails
18th: Columbus @ Bourbon St. w/ Fumes
19th: Detroit @ Lager Haus (tent) with SROS Lords, Inflatable Best Friends, Growwing Pains.
20th: Toronto w/ Valley Boys, Kremlin (tent)
21st: Buffalo @ Spiral Scratch Records w/ White Whale, Johns, Thaals
22nd: NYC @ The Acheron with Foster Care, Deformity, Heathen
23rd: NYC @ DBA w\ Shoxx, Degreaser, Modra
24th: Providence @ Munch House w/ white load, white pages, funeral cone
25th: Philly @ Kung Fu Necktie: with Abandos
26th: Baltimore or Pittsburgh
27th: Richmond (Part of a 4 day fest for our buddy Elijah from Paint Fumes who was hit by a car last year) @ Gallery Five
28th: Raleigh
29th: Off in Raleigh for a very Whatever Brains Wedding
30th: Charlotte: @The Milestone w/ Joint Damage, Meat Group

Check them out and snag a copy of the new record, we only have 50 copies left!