OUT OF TOWN. 5/9/10 - 5/16/10

Just added some new records to the store, but i'm gonna be out of town until next Sunday so nothing will ship out until the Monday morning May 17th. I will be away from all things computers for the entire week so if you send me any e-mails I won't be able to respond until I get back. As of this moment everything  listed in the store is still in stock, but with no one to monitor orders for the week everything is subject to change.

New stuff!
Jack Palance Band  Jack Palance Band "Get This Shit Underway" LP Black Vinyl /400 ( Dead Broke ) 8.00
Spits  Spits "19 Million AC EP CD LP" LP Black Vinyl ( Slovenly ) 8.00
Spits  Spits "S/T II" LP Black Vinyl ( Slovenly ) 8.00
Spits  Spits "S/T III" LP Black Vinyl ( Slovenly ) 8.00
Spits  Spits "S/T IV" LP Black Vinyl ( Recess ) 10.50
Spits  Spits "S/T" 7" Black Vinyl ( Slovenly ) 4.00
Fleshies Fleshies  Fleshies "Brown Flag" Tape ( Dead Broke / Small Pool / Peoples Republic Of Rock And Roll ) 4.00
Iron Chic Iron Chic Iron Chic  Iron Chic "Demo 2008" Tape ( Dead Broke ) 4.00
Nude Beach  Nude Beach "Demo" Tape ( Dead Broke ) 4.00