Hi and welcome to the new online home of No Breaks Records. I hope you enjoy the new look and the cheesy brick font all around the page. At this point I still consider the site to be under construction although the store / distro pages should be fully functional, however if you decide to shop around and have any sort of problems feel free to e-mail me ( nobreaksdistro AT hotmail DOT com )
       After more than two years of releasing and distributing what I feel is some of the best music around I figured it about time to have our own website where I can update people on whats new for the store and the label. My goal was to have this website running by the beginning of 2009, obviously that didn't happen largely due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to anything computer related. Either way i'm really excited to finally have something up and running.
       As the intro screen suggested I should have four new releases coming out very soon! I'm expecting to have something new every few weeks over the next two months...

First up is a new four track Al Scorch 7" entitled "This Lonesome World..." I'm really excited to be releasing something for Al, the first time I saw him play live he completely blew me away. I don't know much about playing the banjo or any instruments for that matter but Al sure does. This record has a large cast of people backing Al up including Will from Landlord / Defiance, Ohio. Co-released with Let's Pretend Records

Next up is the 18 track debut LP from 2009 entitled "The Future Is Soon!". Formed from the ashes of Rock Paper Stupid, Daniel and Jordan continued writing songs together and when it came time recorded about 20 songs each switching vocal and instrument duty. Each album cover is hand painted and screened on a recycled album cover! Any fan of Chattanooga punk or Rock Paper Stupid, ADD/C, Trash Train, Friday Knight, Queerwulf, or Giant Bags Of Weed is sure to love this album. Also co-released with Let's Pretend Records

Third up is a split 7" from two of my favorite Atlanta punk bands playing right now, Wrister and The North Trolls. Three years ago I originally planned to release a Wrister 7" as the labels first release but for one reason or another it never happened. Either way i'm glad to finally put some Wrister songs out.  Wrister has been playing for years now and the two songs on their side of the record are my favorite they have ever recorded. Chances are if you're in a punk band and you played an Atlanta show you probably played with these guys before or at least played at their house. The North Trolls make their debut on this record and what better way than with 3 fast poppy punk tunes about Mason, cheap drugs, and coming home. Just not in that particular order. They just played a release show for this record show I should have these available soon.

The fourth and final release is the LP version of the Sass Dragons "Bonkaroo!" album. After having this CD on repeat for the last year I decided it really should come out on LP format, and with the help of Johann's Face Records this record should be coming out sometime in October, if not sooner.

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